MacKenzie Membership

Special Offer - Limited places for a limited time only - 12 months MacKenzie membership for £ 800 lump sum or £ 80 per month

We have a number of MacKenzie membership places available at this very special deal - act quickly to avoid disappointment ! Contact Jayne on 01922 613512 ext 1 or email:

‘MacKenzie Membership’, named after our designer Dr. Alister MacKenzie, is Walsall Golf Club’s no joining fee introduction membership which offers unlimited use of the golf course, clubhouse and practice facilities.

Unlike Full Membership there are some restrictions associated with MacKenzie Membership, these being:-

MacKenzie members may not play in the “Major Competitions” (those with honours boards in the clubhouse).
MacKenzie members may not vote at the Annual General Meeting.
MacKenzie members may not hold an office within the Club.

MacKenzie members enjoy the same practice and clubhouse facilities as other membership categories.

Membership Application

To apply for membership please complete and submit the form below