Trackman Indoor Simulator

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Trackman is the industry leader when it comes to golf launch monitors and is used by 95 of the top 100 players on the PGA Tour in the world. The system can be used both indoors and out but here at Walsall Golf Club it is mostly utilised indoors in our swing studio.
The system allows you to discover the importance and advantage of receiving instant and actionable feedback on club delivery, launch, ball flight and landing. It helps your PGA Pro give consistent feedback either in a coaching or custom fit environment.


Practice or Play
30 minute practice session £12.50
5 x 30 minute practice sessions £45.00
1 hour course play (4 players) £ 20.00 (£5 per player)
Personal Development
1 hour custom fit £30 (free with club purchase)
Combine test £30
Gapping session £30
Wedge fitting / distance matrix £60